• Phoenix Results !! Dale Gets Second Win in a Row !!

    Phoenix Results !! Dale Gets Second Win in a Row !!

    Postby Mwils1 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:02 pm

    Uh Oh!!

    Is 2010 Champ Mr Dale Reynolds making an early statement???

  • Gatorade Duels Starting Grid Set !!!

    RowdyBowler20 Takes Daytona 500 Pole...

    Leads 5 Nuffers in 47.9 sec laps

    YA YA Nuffers!!! It's TIME !!!!

    Congrats to Rowdybowler.. who led 5 nuffers into the sub 48s... while taking the pole with a 47.962 Lap. Nice Job Rowdy!! Your 2008 Nuff Madness Champion Thizzlivid will start along side of Bowler on thefront row...

    heyyyy...since they can't crash out in practice like Dale Jr... I just had a thought... how bout we make em survive the duels or else start in the back!!!

    LOL !! Ya.. if they crash out they have to go to the back..::and I don't mean the back of track A::: but if they survive they lock in the front Errrr.. How many "close calls" would they deal with even if they tried to chill??? heeheeee !!!

  • The Gatorade Duels - Detailzz

    Details of the "DAYTONA DUELS"


    YA YA Nuffers.... Let's go over the details real quick to be sure you understand the format.

    The track Assignments will be posted shortly after the deadline for qualifying which is Midnight EASTERN on Thursday Night 2/17/11.

    The Duels will run AT THE SAME TIME - 8 PM Est on Friday Night..... so PLEASE be on time so we can get started without delay.



    60 LAPS Baybeee !!!  normal wear..